Cryptoasset Analytics, (2019-2020, TU Vienna), instructor: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are well-known crypto asset examples. They build on blockchain technology and form virtual ecosystems in which different actors interact with each other with varying intentions. The general availability of transaction data in the underlying blockchains led to the development of a number of analytics techniques that are nowadays used for reasons such as market research, compliance and anti-money-laundering, as well as law enforcement. The goal of this course is to learn how crypto asset ecosystems can be analyzed using a variety of data science methods and how gained insights can subsequently be used for informed decision making. The course will offer the opportunity to design and develop novel approaches for a number of analytics use cases.

Globally Connected Systems, (2017-2019, University of Applied Sciences - FH Technikum Wien), instructor: The goal of this course is to introduce the design principles and technologies for building global information, data, and financial networks, show the practical applications of such systems, and discuss their design and their social and policy context.

Application Development in Media Informatics, (2015-2017, University of Vienna), instructor: An undergraduate course involving development of an application related to media informatics.

Technology Applications, (Spring 2014, University of Salzburg), Instructor: A masters-level course introducing technologies for building data-centric Web information systems in the library domain. Discussion of cross-cutting issues such as Linked (Open) Data.

INFO/CS 4302 - Web Information Systems, (2011-2012, Cornell University), Instructor: This course introduces technologies for building data-centric information systems on the World Wide Web, show the practical applications of such systems, and discuss their design and their social and policy context by examining cross-cutting issues such as citizen science, data journalism and open government.

CS 5999 - Master of Engineering Project, (2011-2012, Cornell University), Instructor: Independent or group project under the direction of a CS field member or researcher. Projects involve the development of a computer science application (software or hardware) useful in exploring and/or solving an engineering problem with a computer science focus.

Multimedia Information Systems 2, (2007-2011, University of Vienna), Co-instructor: A masters-level course in Media Informatics examining technologies and available applications for building (multimedia) Web information systems. Focus on XML, Semantic Web technologies and, metadata standards.

Multimedia Information Retrieval, (2009-2011, University of Vienna), Co-instructor: An advanced masters-level course focusing on the principles of information retrieval in distributed environments such as the Web, with a special focus on multimedia information.

Information System Technologies for Multimedia Applications, (2008-2010, University of Vienna), Co-instructor: An undergraduate course focusing on the technical properties of various media types (image, audio, video) and their technical processing (e.g., with Java Media Framework) in multimedia applications.

Media Informatics Student Projects, (2008-2011, University of Vienna), Instructor: An undergraduate course involving the development of an application related to the media informatics field.

Modeling Techniques and Methods, (2007-2011, University of Vienna), Co-instructor: An undergraduate introductory course covering basic data modeling standards such as EER, UML, etc.