Bernhard Haslhofer Research Profile

I am working as a Senior Data Scientist at AIT's Digital Insight Lab.

My research interest lies in finding and applying quantitative methods for gaining new insights from large-scale, connected datasets.

Research Interests

Cryptoasset Analytics: I lead the development of the GraphSense Cross-Ledger Cryptocurrency Analytics Platform, coordinate the VIRTCRIME research project, and teach a Cryptoasset Analytics course at TU Vienna.

Industrial Data Science: I coordinate the COGNITUS research project, which aims at predicting outages in jewelry production and warehousing logistics.

Digital Humanities: in the TRAVELOGUES project, I am collaborating with historians to gain insight into the perception of the Other (Fremdheit) by analyzing travelogues in digitized corpus of the Austrian National Library.


Our work on Identifying Historical Travelogues in Large Text Corpora Using Machine Learning received the Lee Dirks Award for Best Full Research Paper at the iConference 2020.

I am now a member of the OECD Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB).